Social Enterprise Qualification

Gold SEQ

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Level 2 Certificate in Preparing and Delivering a Sustainable Social Enterprise Activity (601/0432/6)

For the Certificate learners run an on-going social enterprise activity such as three trading events or a short period of trading. Learners develop skills around sustainability in business such as cash flow, SWOT analysis and market research. The Certificate works well to accredit sustained fundraising activity or enterprise education at your school.

95 guided learning hours, 35 Independent Learning Hours and 13 credits

Section 1: Research & Development

A: What are social issues?

•    The first step of becoming a Social Entrepreneur - what makes you mad and what you want to change about our world?
•    Research social and environmental issues and their causes.

B: What are Great Products?

•    What are your favourite products and services?
•    Find out about their impact on the environment and society, whilst learning from their failures and successes.

C: What is Social Enterprise?

•    How do social enterprises work, and who is out there making a difference?

D: What is the social enterprise activity going to be?

•    What are your ideas for a better future?
•    What social and environmental issues do you want to change?
•    Form an enterprise idea to raise money for a social or environmental need.

Section 2: Change & Impact

A: Plan

•    Plan your social enterprise activity, taking into account People, Planet, Profit at every stage.
•    Learn business tools to make your social enterprise robust; learn how to cash flow so you don’t run out of money; learn how to carry out a Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) analysis to make use of all the resources around you, and think about how you will deal with problems before they happen.

B: Do

•    Run your social enterprise activity generating income and impacting on a social or environmental need.
•    Gain great ethical business skills; learn how to keep track of your income and expenditure over your trading period, learn how to gain feedback from customers and make your social enterprise even better as you go along…

C: Review

•    Look back at what you have achieved, and tell the world about it - promoting social enterprise as a means for change.